Essential Oils

My first experience with essentials oils was in 2014. My back was out and I was in a great deal of pain. A dear friend treated me with a “raindrop technique”, sprinkling oils down my spine. Over the next two days, my back muscles gradually released and by day 3, I was back to normal with no physical manipulation. I was sold! Oils became part of my life and in January 2015, I became a distributor with doTerra Essential Oils.

Every FootGuy session is enhanced with essential oils, whether it is the relaxation of lavender, invigoration of wild orange, grounding of vetiver, or the amazing effects of any of the other 30 oils or 15 blends in my oil bag arsenal. The oils enrich the reflexology reading experience and promote quicker, more complete healing.

The doTerra products are also important in my family’s life. We are healthier thanks to our daily supplements, and we enjoy the laundry soap, toothpaste, and hand soap. Our children and grandchildren benefit from using fewer pharmaceuticals for common ailments. I can honestly say that discovering the beauty and utility of essential oils has changed our lives.