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Posted by Scott Donat on Saturday, June 30, 2018


Tracey Rice

Scott is the best! Very intuitive. I see him at his Port St. John location. Wish I could go more often!

Nancy Lovegrove

There are no words to describe how good he is. I had plantar fasciitis and by my second treatment I could wear sandals again. He's the best!

Lisa Haberlan

Scott is incredible!!!!! Has helped me in so many ways. I see him as often as I can. Thanks for being there for me Scott. Lisa H.

Jahn Dussich

Scott's the real deal! I've seen many people doing this type of work, and it's evident, they either don't know what they're doing, or they just look at it as a job, or worse they're burned out. With Scott, this is his passion, he enjoys making people feel good, he knows what he's doing, he connects physically, and energetically with his clients, and it shows!

Ruth Rodriguez

Scott is a tall angel in a man's body. Lol! He has helped me and my daughters so much with his amazing knowledge and technique. Yesterday he was even able to adjust a dislocated toe on my youngest that we thought was fractured. She instantly was cured of her pain! He is also very intuitive w essential oils and for that also we are very thankful and blessed to have met him and will continue to use his services regularly. Thank you Scott!!

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